– Please keep sharing his story far and wide. The article about him has been translated into French, German, and Dutch. Keep it going
 STAY FOLLOWING THE CAMPAIGN. This will quite likely be a protracted fight. There will be things that you can help with beyond legal fees (that is, non-monetary things). Right now, writing letters to him, especially on an ongoing basis, is one of the best things you can do, but please keep following the campaign, because there will be other ways to help in the future.
Red salute to all supporters! Free Dallas!

Midday on March 9, federal agents surrounded our beloved comrade Dallas with shotguns and arrested him. As we write, he is sitting in the state’s dungeons.
We believe that this abduction of our comrade is the most recent and aggressive attempt on the part of the pigs—city, state, and federal—to quell and repress revolutionary organizing and the militant antifascist movement. Although there can be no doubt that wherever there is true resistance to the rise of fascism, the state will be sure to try to crush it, we believe that the movement in Austin has attracted particular attention. They see that it has become an example to others—and so now they wish to make an example of it by stringing up our comrade.
In recent years, Austin, Texas, has made international headlines for its militant antifascist struggle. Communists and anarchists have turned the streets of Austin into a battleground in the fight against genocide, deportation, and torture. Around the world, comrades have shown interest in and respect for Austin’s antifascists, who show the fascists no mercy, outnumbering them and putting up a fierce fight in all confrontations. What has perhaps attracted the most serious attention, not just from fascists but from pigs as well, is the movement’s staunch, hardened militancy and its high degree of organization—and the fact that it is for the most part led by communists.